This Chambourcin is a dry red that is bursting with cherry and plum flavors with a really long smooth finish. Earlier this year we had the chance to visit Alto Vineyards, in Alto Pass, Illinois. It’s on the wonderful Shawnee Hills Wine Trail in Southern Illinois. We bought a case of wine and have slowly worked our way through it. My favorite pick so far has been the Alto Vineyards Reserve Chambourcin. OMG, it is so good.

Alto Vineyards opened in 1988 on a small 600 sq. ft. winery. In December of that same year, Alto Vineyards, released it’s first 1,500 gallons of Illinois wine and sold out in 3 days. At the time, there were only 6 other wineries in the state of Illinois. This Chambourcin is Paul Renzaglia’s, Alto Vineyard’s wine maker and owner wine of choice. Also, check out our photos of Alto Vineyards here.


The Varietal:
Let’s start with – what is the varietal Chambourcin? Chambourcin (sham-bor-san) is a French-American hybrid grape, that produces a medium-bodied red wine with a fruity aroma and cherry and earthy/spicy complexities. Medium to dark red in color, Chambourcin is a food-friendly wine – meaning it pairs well with many dishes.

The Pour:

Alto Vineyards Chambourcin is a dark red purple color when poured.

The Sniff:

The first sniff has hints of blackberry, cherry, plum and spice.

The Taste:
This Chambourcin packs a lot of flavor in one sip. This rich full bodied dry red wine is fruit forward with a soft ending of black cherry and plum that goes on and on.

Pairs with:
This dry red Midwest wine pairs well with portobello mushrooms, grilled beef and your favorite red-sauced dishes. We drank our Chambourcin on a recent camping trip where we cooked steak, sweet potatoes and grilled corn. Delicious together!

Vintage: 2010
Grape: Chambourcin
Producer: Alto Vineyards
Price: $16.99
Alcohol: 12%
Produced and Bottled: Alto Pass, IL
Website: www.altovineyards.net
Glass used: Generic crystal red wine glass

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