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Augusta Winery 2009 Chambourcin review

Vintage: 2009
Wine: Chambourcin (sham-bor-san)
Producer: Augusta Winery
Price: $10.04
Produced and Bottled: Augusta, MO
Unique bottle features: screw cap
Website: www.augustawinery.com
Glass used: Vinum XL Riedel Cabernet Sauvignon glass

Augusta Winery is located in Augusta, Missouri and was founded in 1988 by owner and winemaker Tony Kooyumjian. He also owns Montelle Winery two miles away. According to the Augusta Winery website, in 1980, Augusta was recognized as the first U.S. Wine District, or Viticultural Area #1, because of its unique soil, climate, historical significance, and quality of wines produced from grapes grown in vineyards that date to the 1800’s.

The Varietal:
Let’s start with – what is the varietal Chambourcin? The Missouri Wine website describes Chambourcin (sham-bor-san) as “A French-American hybrid grape, Chambourcin produces a medium-bodied red wine with a fruity aroma and cherry and earthy/spicy complexities. Medium to dark red in color, Chambourcin is a food-friendly wine!”

The Pour:
Pouring this wine, I notice it has a deep dark red color. Held up to the sun setting, you can’t see through it. The aroma smells powerful, spicy and earthy.

My taste:
I drank this tasting without looking at the wine description, to see if this wine novice could come anywhere close to relaying the taste to you. I love the rich full flavor at the start along with the lingering taste in your mouth. I taste oak, fruit – possibly blackberry or raspberry? Plus, it has a smoky peppery taste.

Wine label description:
Once tasted, I took a gander at the description on the back of the wine label:

Chambourcin is a unique grape that ripens to perfection in Missouri. This full bodied dry wine has the bouquet of raspberries, licorice, and cigar box. The taste is berries, cassis, and jammy fruit. This wine is aged in oaks barrels to increase the complexity and intensity of the fruit. Great with lamb or grilled steaks. 

Their website further states:
Deep burgundy in color with an aroma that is berry fruit, cassis, plum and licorice. The full body is rich, spicy and earthy followed by a jammy fruit finish that leaves a velvety feel in the mouth. Chambourcin is very similar to a Merlot and is delicious with BBQ, steak and pork. Cellar Life: 7-10 Years.

Since I am a wine lover, but not a wine expert I had a few questions on their wine vocabulary. They use the terms “cassis” and “cigar box” to describe the wine. I did a quick google search and found out “cassis” means it picks up a currant flavor. Dr. Vinny from the Wine Spectator describes it as “If you’re not familiar with black currants, they’re kind of like a tangy blackberry— think of a dark berry crossed with pomegranate.” So, that is the blackberry I tasted.

Now the Cigar box flavor. According to Wikipedia it is a term used to describe the tobacco aromas derived from oak/cedar influence.

One other note with this wine. Normally, if my husband and I re-cap a wine and save it for another day, the flavor normally gets a vinegary taste (even if we use one of those air suckers). But with this Chambourcin, when I poured this wine for a second night the flavor still tasted good.

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