Augusta Winery Norton

As we continue to celebrate Norton in the month of January, we are reviewing Augusta Winery’s 2010 Estate Bottle Norton. This Norton is a dry full-bodied wine that starts slow and ends with a giant burst of berry and spice. Delicious!

Augusta Winery is located in Augusta, Missouri and was founded in 1988 by owner and winemaker Tony Kooyumjian. He also owns Montelle Winery two miles away. According to the Augusta Winery website, in 1980, Augusta was recognized as the first U.S. Wine District, or Viticultural Area #1, because of its unique soil, climate, historical significance, and quality of wines produced from grapes grown in vineyards that date to the 1800’s.

The Varietal:
Oh, Norton, my love. Norton is definitely my favorite grape in the Missouri region. It’s rich, dark berry flavors combine with spice, earthiness and oak. It’s definitely a rich, full-bodied dry red wine. Want to know more about the Norton grape, like where did it come from? Check out my review of the The Wild Vine: A Forgotten Grape and the Untold Story of American Wine.

The Pour:

This Augusta Winery Norton is dark red/purple and has pronounced legs:

Augusta Winery Norton in a glass

The Sniff:

This Norton had powerful aromas of raspberry, blackberry, cherry, with pepper, vanilla and oak.

The Taste:
This full-bodied dry Norton is the opposite of the Adam Puchta Norton, it starts with a small amount of flavor and blossoms big. This complex wine has a long finish of berry and spice.

From Augusta’s winemaker:

Made from the Norton (which is also known as the Cynthiana) grape, this dry red wine is a beautiful deep burgundy color. The rich bouquet is that of raspberry and black cherry with a hint of cigar. The full body consists of cassis and black cherry with soft jammy overtones and is similar in style to a Cabernet, yet with the spiciness of a Zinfandel. The finish is lingering with hints of spice, vanilla and raspberries. Cynthiana is excellent with steak, duck, meaty stews and rich cheeses.

Cellar Life: 8-15 Years

The 2007 Norton of Augusta Winery was featured on NBC’s Today Show:

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 Pairs with:
Nortons pairs with red meat like, steak, barbecue and lamb. It also complements dark chocolates, strong cheeses such as blue and Cheddar, and spicy seafood. We also regularly pair this with chili, pasta and red sauce based dishes.

Vintage: 2010
Wine: Norton
Producer: Augusta Winery
Price: $18.93
Produced and Bottled: Augusta, MO
Unique bottle features: screw cap
Glass used: Vinum XL Riedel Cabernet Sauvignon glass

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