Harkness Edwards Vineyard's Fling

Fling is a crisp, dry & light wine similar to a Pinot Grigio that would be perfect on your first spring picnic. I recently came across the winery Harkness Edwards Vineyards, while writing an article for Midwest Wine Press about how Women prefer wine with a story to tell. They were also kind enough to send me a bottle to try.

Harkness Edwards Vineyards, a small niche winery, is located in Winchester, Kentucky. Winchester is just outside of Lexington and about an hour and a half from Louisville, Kentucky. The “Fling” wine label won the “Most Unique” Gold Medal in the 2012 Mid-American Wine Competition.

The Varietal:
“Fling” is made from the Aphrodite grape, a hybrid variety bred in Davis, California, from the Norton grape and a Portuguese variety called Algarve. Beth Edwards, daughter of the owner, joked, “The Aphrodite grape was destined to be a wine for women because it is a beautiful looking vine with bright pink grapes.”

The Pour:

Fling is pale yellow, brilliant and has faint legs when swirled:

Fling, Kentucky white wine

The Sniff:

The sniff on this wine is very citrus. I smelled aromas of lime and grapefruit, plus a little bit of banana.

The Taste:
Fling is a complex wine with a long finish. It starts out with flavors of lime and ends with grapefruit, just like Pinot Grigio.

Pairs with:
Since this wine is white, light and crisp, the possibilities are huge for pairing this wine. Since its not overpowering with flavor, it will go well with seafood, white pasta, and most cheese and crackers. Another words, perfect for that spring picnic, which I can’t wait to go on!

Vintage: Unsure
Grape: Fling
Producer: Harkness Edwards Vineyards
Price: $9.99
Alcohol: 12.5%
Produced and Bottled: Winchester, KY
Website: www.harknessedwardsvineyards.com
Glass used: Riedel O Chardonnay glass

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