In the below video, Colleen Gerke, owner of Jowler Creek Vineyard and Winery, and Danny Wood, author of the Regional Wine Taster blog discuss on Kansas City’s The Local Show why many local Kansas City restaurants support locally grown food, but not local wine.

Plus, the second half of the show has a very funny blind tasting of Missouri and Kansas wines vs. National wines. All wines are in the very affordable $12-$20 dollars, plus one wild card red and white that can be any price. The wild card choice that they reveal at the end cracks me up! The tasting is moderated by wine expert Doug Frost and he gives a great tip for restaurants to get more people to try local wine: serve it by the glass. Often people are not willing to buy a bottle, if they don’t already know they love it.

Some of my favorite quotes about the wine commentary came from Eddie Kennison, Owner of Cellar and Loft, and former KC Cheifs wide receiver:

“Makes my noise hairs dance”
“First date kind of wine”
“This is what I would have taken to my now Father-in-law to ask him for his daughter’s hand in marriage.”

And from Stephen Molloy, wine manager at the Classic Cup restaurant in Kansas City, this is a “Hot tub and bikini wine.” This really goes to show how wine tasting is all about someone’s personal experience and how they see themselves drinking it in the future. Is it a wine you would buy for your boss or is it a wine you would take for a girlfriend’s getaway?

No time for the 27 minute video? Hop over to Danny Wood’s blog and read the final scores and descriptions of the wines that were served.

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