Women Focused Wine Labels

From Midwest Wine Press:

More Midwest wineries are realizing that women like to be marketed to differently. According to The Beverage Information Group, women accounted for 58.1 percent of wine buyers in 2011.

While many men look to ratings to give them advice, women are much more influenced by the stories behind the bottle and the entire social experience of wine. In the Sommelier Journal, Liz Thach, who teaches wine classes at Sonoma State University’s School of Business and Economics, said, “Our latest study shows some basis for the idea that men are more influenced by authoritative ratings and the prestige of name brands, whereas women are more concerned with the social experience of drinking wine and the stories behind the bottles, as provided by labels and personal recommendations. Men collect wine, women share it; men use wine to impress others, while women use it to create memories.”

Recently, we’ve noticed that Midwestern wine label artwork is taking on a more feminine look.

Read more via Midwest Wine Press.

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